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My name is Jacobi Dolphin owner and lead artist at i Lash + Brow. A whole vibe curated in Kirkwood, located in The Virginia Highlands. I began my beauty journey over ten years ago, okay maybe closer to 15! My…how far I have come!

It's a marathon, not a sprint...

My beauty career started as a makeup artist for a premier artistry brand. While doing makeup professionally, I was also a full-time student studying Fashion Design and Marketing. It was during this time I realized, I loved enhancing a woman’s natural beauty. It gave me extreme gratification. A few years after college I decided I needed a change. I stepped away from the beauty industry to get a corporate job. Well, how can I put wasn’t for me. I was seeking stability for my new family and felt like I needed to check things off the list. You know how that goes…job,, check…house, check…etc. At the end of a ten-year career, I had checked all the boxes but still felt empty. I still felt there was more that I could be and should be doing. I knew that my greatest strengths, and what brought people the most value would never be realized in a corporate environment. Going back to my roots in fashion I decided to get into fashion styling.

Sometimes I Pinch Myself...

I did it! I quit my job and began fashion styling. Still not satisfied, I began thinking of ways to get back into beauty. I knew someone who had a successful lash studio and they offered training. After asking questions and many hours of deliberation, I decided to take the lash course. Simply put…one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Lashing has and continues to teach me so much about myself and others. This hasn’t been an easy path, but it’s been worth it. The beautiful thing is, this is just the beginning of my story, I’m still writing it. So, when I think of who I am; a risk-taker, a mother, an over comer, a lover, a curator, a wife, and a creative. I must always remember, how far I’ve come.

Take time to reflect on your own journey. Give gratitude for how far you have come. Be enthusiastic about where you are going!

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