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You Need a Super Power: No you really just need a great Bonder!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

There comes a time in everyone's lash business when you wish you could solicit the super powers of your favorite super hero. A time when you wish creating the perfect set of lashes was easier. Well, I found the super hero and tapped into the super powers. I'll tell you my secret, keep reading.

The super hero and essential part of my lash set up is Bonder. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of it, but do you know why it is a must have in your arsenal?

Here's Why...

The purpose of bonder is to immediately cure the lash adhesive. Curing is when the adhesive dries all the way through to the center, by absorbing moisture from the air. In the past we had to wait 24-48 hours before lash extensions could get wet, because water would interrupt the curing process. Then we began using the Nano Mister to shock cure the lash extensions and promote faster curing time. Now we use Bonder, immediately curing the adhesive:

Bonder's Super Powers

  • Locks in the adhesive fumes, which minimizes the chances of a client experiencing burning and irritation.

  • Increases retention by 30%. It increases the elasticity at the adhesive bond point, which enhances the bond between the eyelash extensions and the natural lash.

  • Allows clients the flexibility to get their lashes wet immediately.

  • Works with any adhesive.

  • Eliminates the need for Nano Mister.

How to Use Lash Bonder : Step-by-Step

  1. Wait 2 minutes after applying the last lash extension.

  2. Place a drop of Bonder in an empty glue ring or on an empty jade stone.

  3. Lightly place a micro swab in the Bonder (remember less is more).

  4. Dab the excess Bonder on a clean towel or napkin.

  5. While the client’s eyes are closed, use strokes to apply the Bonder to the lash extensions. Only apply bonded areas of the lash extensions. Avoid the ends of the lash extensions.

Activate your super powers and create beautiful long-lasting sets with our Super Bonder.

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