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3 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Client

Have you heard the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers”? That saying implies you should take what you get. That you should be happy with something, because something, is better than nothing. Let me tell you, this is a bunch of non-sense and unfortunately this mentality plagues both beginner and experienced Lash Artist. As skilled professionals, you don’t deserve the bare minimum, you deserve the best. Accepting any and every client that walks thru your door is “Beggars” behavior, and a settling mentality.

Don’t worry it is not too late to change things. Let me show you how...

1. Self-Reflection

First you must take time to self-reflect. During this time of self-reflection, I encourage you to think about your worth. Think about your experiences, accomplishments, ideas, attitudes, desires and motivations. Once you have reflected on those things, write it down. Revisit this piece of paper often, daily even. Get it down in your soul. You are worthy and more than capable of attracting your desired client. Often times we settle/beg because we don’t place enough value on ourselves. We forget our worth. You are worthy of clients that respect you, your time and your policies. You have to trust and know that.

2. Who's that Lady...Who's that Lady

Okay, so now that you know your worth, who is your ideal client ? If you don’t know who she is, you have work to do. Is she a professional or a celebrity? Is she 25-34 or 35-44. Does she attend galas and dinner parties or does she go to clubs and concerts? Knowing who your ideal client is allows you to concentrate your marketing efforts, your atmosphere and products to meet her needs. It helps you anticipate what will matter to her the most. If she is a professional or juggling a family, timeliness will be important. If she is a social media influencer or attends a lot of functions, retention may be really important. The more you know and understand about her, the more likely you are to attract her.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Now it’s time to work on you! Are you a reflection of your ideal client. If not, that’s probably why you aren’t attracting her. Maintaining a professional image, good hygiene and speaking professionally goes a long way in business and are important intangibles of customer service. When we miss this step, we leave a lot of money on the table. Every day you choose to ignore the image you reflect to the world, is a day you have not taken full advantage of.

If you are still wondering “am I settling in business, am I attracting the right clients”?

If you are currently dealing with the following...the answer is YES!

  1. You don’t have policies in place/you have policies but don’t enforce them.

  2. Clients show up late or no-show consistently/You are late or cancel appointments consistently.

  3. Your workspace is dirty, cluttered or unprofessional.

  4. Clients ask for deals, discounts or challenge your pricing.

  5. Clients are rude, disrespectful or have bad energy/You have poor communication, attitudes and bad energy.

These examples may seem extreme but they are not. I hear clients sit in my chair and complain about previous Lash Artist. I also hear Lash Artist with complaints about clients. It’s time we acknowledge that our standards may have been too low and raise them. Your ideal client is on the other side of a few adjustments within your business.

Now go make it happen!

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