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Let's keep it Classy!

Lash artistry is something you build upon. A skill that is curated over time. Techniques like Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume require knowledge and expertise of the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals you ask...

Classic Lashes are one! This is where a lot of lash artist start. It’s the technique of applying one lash extension to one natural lash. A 1:1 ratio. As a result, Classic lashes will never be fuller than your natural lashes (although they may give that appearance).

Classic Lashes were the perfect opportunity for me to gain understanding of proper diameter, length and curl.

With that understanding it was so much easier to learn new, more challenging techniques. I was also able to master different styles like; Natural Eye, Cat Eye, Doll Eye and Open Eye. I would compare learning this technique to playing basketball. You master the lay-up before you master the dunk. Before an Artist can create Mega Volume Sets, it's advisable to become proficient at Classics.

Although this is where most artist start; Classic Lashes are still a fan favorite. Some clients want a natural or naturally enhanced look. If so, they’re perfect. You can achieve beautiful texture by using different curls. Create a flirty look by adding length. You can mix lengths and get a wispy look. Classic lashes offer a lot of flexibility for the artist and look good on almost every client!

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