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The Anatomy of Lashes

I always say "doing lashes isn't rocket science", however it is a lesson in Anatomy.

Let's get into it...

Lashes are beautiful and take everyone from okay to okuuurrrrr, but they actually serve a serious purpose. They protect the eye from debris. Consisting of 90-150 lashes on the top lid and 80 on the bottom, you lose about 1-4 lashes per day. So warn clients not to freak out when they see a few lashes on their pillow, this is normal.

We lose lashes because they go through a growth cycle. Now here is where we get into the Science.

There are 3 stages of the growth cycle

  • Anagen

  • Catagen

  • Telogen

The Anagen Stage comes first, the eyelash is growing and receiving nourishment from its follicle. Next is the Catagen Stage, the hair keeps growing while beginning to separate from the follicle. The eyelash completely separates from the follicle and falls out in the Telogen Stage. The entire growth cycle takes about 3 months.

This means when we are lashing we should identify what stage each lash is in. We may not be exact but use your best judgement. You want to only lash, lashes in the Catagen Stage. Avoid lashes in the Anagen stage. They tend to be more fragile and unable to support the weight of the lash extension. It is imperative we are careful with the natural lashes and avoid dislodging them when possible. We don't know what stage of the cycle they were in. It could take weeks even months for that lash to be in the Catagen Stage again.

Understanding that lashes are going to shed, we can still take steps to extend their life. Using a Lash Primer before applying extensions, dissolves oil and dirt, balances the ph resulting in a stronger adhesive bond. Using a Lash Bonder/Sealant creates a protective barrier around the lash extension, helping repel dirt, water, and oil. Using both products on every client will result in optimal lash retention.

Don't let your clients off the hook. Encourage them to follow proper after-care and clean their lashes. This prevents dead skin and oil build-up which can weigh lashes down and cause premature shedding.

Now that you know so much about The Lash Life Cycle apply it in your business. The application of knowledge is what takes your artistry from good to great!

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