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7 Retention Killers You Must Avoid…

Lash Retention is the # 1 concern of every client and lash artist. We all want full, long lasting lash extensions. This is the best way to keep clients loyal and coming back.

Both parties play a part in the retention of your lashes. The Lash Artist is responsible for 50% and the Client is responsible for the other 50%.

Below are 7 things or habits that are causing your lash extensions to shed prematurely.

1. Picking and Pulling

Although it may be tempting to pick at your lashes...DON'T! Picking and pulling can damage both your natural lashes and lash extensions. as well. This can result in gaps in your lash line, where there are no lashes.

2. Dirty Lashes

There is a huge misconception, that you can’t get your lash extensions wet. This is not true! It is extremely important for the health of your natural lashes and the look of your lash extensions to wash your lashes on a regular basis. Oil and dirt break down the adhesive bond and causes lashes to fall out prematurely. Oil, dirt and makeup can also make the lashes look dull and stiff. Using a lash bath daily is a great way to keep your lashes clean and looking fluffy.

3. Medications

As we know medications often times have side effects. There are several medications that cause your eyelashes to become oily, dry or brittle. For example, Thyroid medication can cause your lashes to shed quickly. Vitamins and supplements that promote hair growth can

causes lashes to grow faster and shed quicker.

4. Oily Eyelids + Oily Skin

Oil from the eye lids, skin and brow can end up on your lash line. When this happens, poor retention follows. Remember oil breaks down the adhesive bond. A few ways to keep this area clean and oil free is to use the i Lash + Brow Cleaning Kit lash baths and during the day keep oil blotting sheets to absorb the oil.

5. Sleeping on Your Face

This is pretty self-explanatory. If your lashes don’t fall out, from the friction. They will look a HOT MESS!

6. Excessive Steam + Sweat

Hot excessive steam and sweat can also break down the adhesive bond. This can cause the lash extensions to shed prematurely.

7. Heavy Make-up

To have optimal retention stay away from oil-based makeup, water-proof make-up and pencils, gels and cream eyeliners that can be hard to dissolve.

Now that you know a better way to care for your lashes, it’s time to do better.

  1. Clean your lashes daily with i Lash + Brow Cleaning Kit

  2. Sleep on your back or side and use a satin pillow case.

  3. Use a sweat band when exercising.

  4. Keep oil blotting sheets in your purse.

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