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Magnetic Strip Lashes

1.Shake the bottle well before use. 2.Conduct an allergy test before applying lash strips. (Place small drop of liquid behind the ear. If the area becomes red, irritated or appears to be having an allergic reaction, stop and remove immediately). 3.Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner along the lash line. Do not get in eye ( if any liner gets in your eye, flush with water immediately.) Allow to dry. 4.Now apply Magnetic Eyelashes along lash line, on top of the liner. 5.Once finished close the bottle back tightly.

 Strip Lashes

1.Apply eyelash glue evenly along the edge of the strip. 2.Then, wait 30 seconds to allow the glue to get a little tacky before applying the lash strip.. 3. Position the strip on your eyelid right along your lash line. Make sure that the adhesive is facing down towards your eyelid. 4.Use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to press the strip down gently along your lash line. Make sure to keep your eyes open while you're doing this. 5. Repeat to attach the other strip.

 Lash Care

Store them in their original box to keep them clean and dry. After you have removed the lashes, place them into the box that they came in. Place the lash strips onto the curved forms in the box to help the lashes keep their curved shape. Close the lid to keep dust and dirt off of them, and place the box somewhere cool and dry, such as a drawer or cabinet where you store your makeup. If properly cared for, you can wear them 20 times or more.

Brown Eyes


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